Integrating Gender into Community-Based Disaster Risk Management

This knowledge product is developed by the Training and Learning Circle project of the Center for Disaster Preparedness to fill in gaps in practical guidance in gender mainstreaming in disaster risk management at the local and community in the Philippines. The development of the training manual benefitted from perspectives of communities, NGOs, the academe, government, and women’s organizations engaged in community-based disaster risk management. By the end of the training workshop, participants are expected to have: Enhanced awareness on gender issues and concerns in local and community based disaster risk management; increased skills and capabilities in integrating gender perspective in community based disaster risk management; and ability to select and use gender analysis and participatory tools, methods and processes in community based risk assessment and risk management planning. To meet these overall objectives, the training curriculum is divided into five key modules, excluding introductory and closing activities: (1) Understanding Disasters and Community-Based Disaster Risk Management; (2) Gender Perspective in CBDRM: Why Gender Sensitive CBDRM?; (3) Gender-Sensitive Risk Assessment; (4) Gender Sensitive Disaster Risk Management; and (5) Gender Sensitive Disaster Risk Management Planning.

Author(s) : CBDRM Training and Learning Circle-Philippines, Center for Disaster Preparedness
Publisher : CBDRM Training and Learning Circle-Philippines, Center for Disaster Preparedness
Year Published : 2010
Copyright : Use with attribution
Target Audience/s: Local government units (LGUs), non-government organizations (NGOs), women’s organizations, academe