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The Knowledge Agenda

One of the expected key results of the Subu Project is the increase of knowledge sharing of available disaster risk reduction (DRR) learning resources and advocacy tools through a combination of DRR online library and non-web-based resource libraries. Some of the project’s expected outputs such as the holding of DRR learning events, and the establishment of a DRR online library aim to support this:

Learning Events
A series of community learning events at all levels, from barangay to national, will be organized to facilitate cross-learning of good DRR initiatives and practices. This will help communities be more prepared for hazards and reduce their risks.

DRR Online Library (DRR Knowledge Center Website)
Experiences coming from the 36 partner municipalities and other areas under this project will be documented, reviewed, digitized, and uploaded into the DRR online library which is currently accessible through the DRR Knowledge Center Website. Tools, manuals, and DRR practices both coming from government and non-government actors will be shared to increase scaling up and replication of good DRR initiatives. DRRMOs per municipality are envisioned to be the collection hubs for good DRR tools and practices. Of course, school-based, church-based and other sector-based DRR libraries are most welcomed. This will be complemented by a DRR Online library which anyone with an internet access can use.